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SRI’s focus is to address the following issues:

  • food security

  • nutritional content of food

  • topsoil/humus preservation

  • sustainable ecosystems

  • carbon emissions

  • land management

  • drought tolerance

  • endangered animal and plant conservation


We address these issues by visiting African villages who want to learn regenerative agriculture techniques through our intensive training program. During this program  we also teach farmers and families how to process and preserve their food as well as a business plan to empower farmers to form co-ops so they can multiply their income and their marketing options.

After receiving SRI's training course and implementing our regenerative soil techniques, farmers see:

  • the costs of farming decrease because using this approach creates healthy soil that needs less labor and fertilizer to maintain

  • An increase in crop yields, sometimes over 50%!

  • Increased nutrient content in the food

  • Increased drought tolerance because the soil now stores water, reducing the watering needs

Successful farms produce stable, prosperous communities.


Charlene Nash

"I took root in southern soil as my elders plowed furrows, sometimes with a harnessed mule. In college I studied biology, then agriculture. Over the years, I intensified my soil studies and now dedicate myself to teaching others that the key to improved food production, and, by extension, health and living standards, lies within the soil itself, its biological composition. Large and small farmers can build rich, productive soil using simple, practical approaches".

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