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Soil Resources Initiative is a charitable and educational organization that teaches regenerative agriculture techniques which provides many benefits to improve human and animal health while also creating stable, prosperous communities.

We train farmers in intensive biological soil building methods that suit local conditions. The regenerative farming approach we teach increases soil fertility which in return:

  • Increases crop production and yield

  • Enhances the nutrient content of food crops

  • Reduces irrigation needs by increasing drought tolerance

  • Increases pest resistance


Farmers are trained how to increase soil moisture, organic matter and fertility without the use of chemicals


Soil Resources Initiative operates exclusively on donations!

We have done our farmer training program in Senegal and Mozambique for almost 10 years now and are currently raising funds to bring this amazing program to Madagascar!

To learn more about why we chose Madagascar and our goals for it, check out our blog!

We are a 501-c3 organization, so all donations are tax deductible


You may donate funds directly to Soil Resources Initiative or volunteer to help raise money.

You may also volunteer your time and skills on one of our trips. Contact us for more information.

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